Shaping Change Inner Circle - April 2019

Welcome to the Inner Circle for April 2019!

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Every day people let obstacles block them from truly going for their goals and aspirations, and often their challenges are overcome-able; they just need a little help.  Whether it’s the daunting duty of starting a new project or the difficulty of keeping it going, every day people get discouraged or tired and give up.

Fortunately, you can help the people around you stay on track for their goals.  All it takes is a little MOTIVATION.

Sometimes motivating others is like trying to pull a train uphill through quicksand.  No matter how hard you try, some people just STAY STUCK.

Don’t worry; you’re not a “bad motivator.”  You might just be coming from the wrong angle.  You see, motivation is an INSIDE game and I can show you a few tricks that will make you masterful at helping others find their own fire.

During this POWER-PACKED training, you’ll discover:

  • How to help others find, sustain and regain their motivation at any time
  • Specific steps to help someone pursue their goals and make important changes…
  • The most common motivation pitfalls… and how to avoid them…
  • How to become a powerful motivational support to those around you…
  • A foolproof 3-Step Formula for inspiring others…
  • How to keep the human engine running strong EVERY DAY
  • The TOP Internal Motivators…and how to use them RIGHT AWAY…

And much, much more…

I want you (and everyone around you) to feel fulfilled, accomplished and successful, and the key to all this is… you guessed it… MOTIVATION.

In this webinar you can learn the simple skills to uncovering the talent, depth, and potential in everyone around you.  When people are all lit up they’re brilliant, creative and productive, and YOU can be the one to help them get there.

Motivation Magic – Awakening in Others the Inspiration to Excel holds the keys that you need to help your people find their flow and stay there…no matter what.

Webinar Pt 1

Webinar Pt 2


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My recommended reading this month is: Start with Why by Simon Sinek



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