Shaping Change Inner Circle - March 2019

Welcome to the Inner Circle for March 2019!

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Have you noticed that people typically live in a constant state of low-level fear?

They worry about their taxes…they worry about what their partner is doing…they worry about loved ones dying…about getting sick…about getting a ticket…about finding a job…about losing a job…there’s SO MUCH WORRY in the world.

I often wonder what people could accomplish if they’d spend less time worrying and more time actively creating their lives…

“But” you may be saying, “maybe they don’t have any control over all those things they’re worried about…”


Maybe…but maybe not.


If you want things to change, I mean really change in your life, you have to DO something about it…and you CAN.


It starts with creating a VISION.


You don’t have to be a victim to your circumstances. You can actually write the script for your life.

That’s why this webinar is so important.

In this webinar you'll discover…

  • How to STOP leaving your life to chance, and start shaping your future TODAY…
  • The exciting science behind Creative Visualisation, and how it can change your life IMMEDIATELY…
  • How to turn any vision into REALITY, utilising concrete, simple, real-world steps…
  • The #1 way to open your life to positive, fulfilling experiences…
  • How to eliminate distractions and bring clarity & focus to your goals & visions…
  • How to live with a greater sense of purpose, direction and ease…
  • And more…


With a little imagination, some patience and willpower, you can shape your entire existence and live a worry-free life that you can love and be proud of.

Welcome to “Visioning and Goal Setting: Projecting Your Tomorrow and Heading Toward It Today”



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My recommended reading this month is: Creating Futures that Matter Today: Facilitating Change through Shared Vision by Pool & Parker



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