Shaping Change Inner Circle - November 2018

Welcome to the Inner Circle for November 2018.

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As a leader, one of the rewarding activities you can be involved in is mentoring of a younger person in the workplace. Mentoring is beneficial to you as well as to the mentee, and allows you to share your knowledge, leave a legacy, and make a genuine difference in the lives of others. Unless your organisation or professional association has a formal mentoring program, it can be difficult to know how to start and what is involved. This month we are talking mentoring; how to, what not to do, what is required, and we have prepared some tools and guides to help you become an expert mentor.


Welcome to “Mentoring”

Webinar - Part 1

Webinar - Part 2

Webinar - Part 3


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My recommended reading this month is: Mentoring 101 by John Maxwell.



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