Sovereign Women's Salon

Discover your Women’s Leader Archetype and claim your throne

Your leadership archetype is the key to your continued success – and in that success being effortless. If you want to discover your archetype, master her subtle success markers, and discover the leadership opportunities that come easily to her – her natural pathway to the throne – I invite you to join me in my next Sovereign Women Salon. 


As a direct result of my Sovereign Women mentoring, my clients have achieved:

  • Five figure pay increases.
  • Promotions to the C suite.
  • Authority and influence, making a REAL difference in the world.
  • Unshakeable self-belief and confidence.

They have also...

  • Left stifling, inauthentic roles to absolutely kick it out of the park in new ones.
  • Created highly successful businesses, THEIR way.
  • Fallen in love with their jobs all over again.
  • Created first class lives.

These already powerful women stepped into their highest transformation and truly became SOVEREIGN WOMEN. This is the transformation that is waiting for you, too.


Here’s what will happen in our time together…

We are going to sort out the areas of your life where you are not getting the results you really want. I'm talking about issues like:

  • You are working so hard you don't have quality time with your partner or your children (and your partner keeps complaining about you working too much).
  • You are not getting the pay rise, promotion, or recognition you deserve (even though you know that your peers are paid more than you). You are not listened to at the executive table, you are not influential (and you are often talked over by your peers).
  • Your boss ignores your effort and input and rewards people who haven’t put in anywhere near what you have (and last time you raised it, you were shut down).
  • You have a great business offering, but clients work with your competitors (and you hate having sales conversations because selling feels really icky).
  • You have team members or peers who aren’t really cutting it, but it is easier and more efficient to pick up the slack yourself (and at the end of the day you can’t trust them to do it as well as you can).
  • You are surrounded by people who drain you, (like the Dementors in Harry Potter), but you keep putting up with it.
  • You never find the time, or the energy, to exercise, or eat right, or take that art class you have really wanted to do (and your health is suffering, your pants are tighter, you don’t sleep well, and you are feeling stressed).



In six weeks in the Salon and you will learn the tools, techniques and mindset to change all your issues (and you will have already made big changes). This is what you will learn:

  • To be true to yourself: you create the life you want and enjoy it to the full – your way. You will achieve with grace and ease.
  • To be self-assured: with true inner strength and confidence in your ability.
  • To be self-aware: your strengths, assets, weaknesses, and flaws, and how to best use each aspect of yourself in any situation.
  • To know your worth: you speak with authority and grace, and sit serenely in your own true power of knowing exactly who you are and what you bring to the world.
  • To wield your Sovereign power wisely: with great compassion, to generously promote dignity, reward integrity and claim victory in your work.
  • To be purposeful and visionary: you will cultivate a sense of purpose that lies within everyone and everything you work with.

Put simply, we will fundamentally redefine you and position you for regal success.


This will tangibly show up in your life as:

  • Getting that pay rise or promotion, or even a new career.
  • Being recognised for your worth.
  • Being surrounded by people who enhance you, not drain you.
  • Being much less stressed and more productive.
  • Having the time freedom to be and do what YOU really want.


Week 1: Laying the groundwork for change. Understanding the 8 archetypes, and how to activate them in your life to create your authentic leadership and power presence

Result: You are awakened to the power and leadership that lies within.


Week 2: Deep diving – unpacking the behaviours, thoughts and belief systems that underpin the archetypes

Result: You will have a deep and profound learning experience as you come to understand how and why the archetypes have defined your life.


Week 3: Exploring your shadows – this week we introduce the shadow assessment tool, and take a personal journey into your own shadow world.

Result: Your own crucible experience. As we shine the light on your shadows, they will no longer have the power to drive your behaviour and actions.


Week 4: Stories from the mountain-top – exploring the manifestation of true archetypes in your life

Result: Through your own experience and story, you will paint the clear picture of how you activate the true power archetypes in your world, and how you can tap into them as and when you require.


Week 5: Your Sovereign Life – Designing the life you want. True to self, unapologetically owning your Sovereign power, living your first class Sovereign life.

Result: You will have the clear and unambiguous roadmap for your success. Your Sovereign life, your way.


Week 6: Staying the course – the tools and techniques to hold fast in your Sovereign power, to release the shadows and fully activate the Warrior, the Wise Woman and the Tribe Builder.

Result: You will activate your success roadmap and bring it to life, knowing that you have the tools and knowledge to BE the Sovereign Woman you have always had the potential to be.




  • Weekly teaching modules (video training).
  • Weekly self-inquiry to turbo-charge your change and ascension.
  • Weekly group coaching calls with powerful women just like you.
  • Private Facebook group for feedback, networking and support.
  • Ongoing access to the modules, so you can refer to them again as needed.

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Praise for the Salon:

Janis McKenna

As I move forward I feel EMPOWERED TO BE MY SOVEREIGN TYPE. I believe this is very valuable and needs to be accessible to a diverse audience

Janis McKenna, ELM Australia

The best parts of the Sovereign Women Salon were meeting a fantastic and inspiring group of women, learning about the archetypes (particularly the shadows) and being part of a “first group”. The thing I wasn’t expecting from this work, but I am totally thrilled about is an action plan that I believe I can put into place. It was particularly impactful to write my sovereign story and be reminded of the powerfulness of journaling.

Yvette Steele

The thing I am most thrilled about from the Salon is the relief that I can move forward. I feel positive and appreciate your support Ros.

Jenny Branch Allen, Curriculum, Assessment and Certification Systems Architects Pty Ltd
Georgie Fitzgerald

I loved meeting my Sovereign self. She was very accomplished, confident, brave, healthy, financially abundant, and extremely successful. I now have a direct and clear plan to develop her. I gained a self-realisation of who I am when I am super busy (and how to find ways to be a fantastic leader without turning into the Tyrant). Moving forward I feel confident, excited and empowered.

Georgie Fitzgerald, Georgie Heart Media

The best part of the Sovereign Women Salon was reviewing how we / who we are related to archetypes as it helps challenge us (and gives opportunity) to consider different approaches. As I move forward I am feeling more confident, my sense of achievement is building.

Jane Horn, Mindful Money



Praise for the Archetypes model and assessment:


Ros Cardinal’s Women’s Leadership Archetypes uncovers the secrets of what it takes to be a strong leader without losing your feminine authentic core. I see her work as the perfect tool for rebalancing current leadership issues, from ego-system male dominating practices towards more collaborative eco-system practices where everyone contributes in a powerful positive way, which benefits the collective.

Maria Marc 


The archetype model and quiz were very helpful in identifying my strengths. I like that it provides an explanation of each archetype's qualities and how they those qualities present themselves. Overall, I found it to be an effective tool for gaining a better understanding of what qualities I want to develop so I can be a more effective leader and business owner.

Jess Rosen 


I loved Rosalind's Women's Leadership Archetypes Quiz! I think the results were spot on! I also enjoyed the information on Shadow Archetypes, and could definitely identify some of my weaker moments in them! I'm looking forward to learning even more!

Sandra Corso


Ros' Women Leader's Archetypes are amazing. The intuitive quiz really helps to identify those attributes that enable us to succeed and be our best. I found the archetypes descriptions a creative and interesting approach to defining leadership types, especially for women looking to define themselves as unique. I am equal parts Sovereign and Warrior, and while there were some similarities, both types applied in equal measures to my personality, the way I approach my work, and how I define success. This process has caused me to think about how I promote myself, my talents and my unique offer.

Jennifer Wittwer







My mission is to fundamentally reinvent what it means to be a female leader – showing women that they can have leadership and influence while being themselves. It truly is the art and science of female leadership. I truly believe with this work, we can make real changes in the way powerful women ‘do’ leadership.


Ros Cardinal is the embodiment of wisdom and fearless feminine leadership! In her quest for changing the current women leadership narrative, she goes deep into the heart of what it takes to be a powerful feminine leader. When women are strong they are often classified as bossy and come across as unpleasant. Ros has found a way to shift this perception, by showing women how to stand in their own authentic light, without having to be someone else. 

Maria Marc 

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