Introducing two new programs:

  • Thriving in Change
  • Transitions and Tranformations

Change can be stressful, but you don’t have to let it wreak havoc on your life. The sooner you embrace the inevitable changes that occur in life, the sooner you can start seeing the opportunities held within change, and begin thriving on EVERY level.

In Thriving in Change, you’ll learn about:

  • Your Reaction to Change – Explore how you commonly react to change in your life.
  • The Importance of Change – Realize why change is so necessary to your life.
  • Seeing Change Differently – Even though the experience of change can be quite difficult, the results of change are often extremely positive once you shift your mindset.
  • Accepting Change – Change has the power to show us just how possible it is for you to have a richer, vastly more fulfilling life…if you can accept it.

In Transitions and Transformations, you’ll learn about:

  • Change and our reactions to change – Understand why change is so impactful and how we commonly react to it.
  • Understanding the change process – Unpack the emotions of change and the drivers of our behaviour during change. Learn emotional intelligence skills to move through transitions effectively.
  • Opportunities in change – Learn to see the bright side of change and how to train yourself to look at change through a new lens.
  • Building resilience – Learn the 4 keys to resilience, as well as tips and techniques for becoming more resilient to change and transition.
  • Personal actions – Your plan for thriving in change!

You'll also discover...

  • How to reshape your perspectives to better handle change.
  • Secret tricks to transform internal chaos into motivational inspiration.
  • How to embrace new changes and challenges, and use them to your advantage.
  • Winning strategies to STOP RESISTING change and flow with grace and ease.
  • How to INSTANTLY adopt new perspectives that give you the upper-hand in any situation.
  • And much more!

With these in-depth programs, you’ll be armed and equipped with everything you need to face change fearlessly and preserve your peace of mind!

Don’t spend any more time feeding stress and anxiety because of your resistance to change. Learn how to manage change effortlessly and start taking back the reins in your life.

Choose from one of the flexible options below:

  • Thriving in Change (delivered in written format)
  • 5 modules of self-study content
  • Activity worksheets
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  • Thriving in Change (delivered in video format)
  • The self-study program as an on-demand video webinar (approx. 75 minutes study time)
  • Activity worksheets
  • Facebook group for questions and support
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  • Premium Online Training – Transitions and Transformations (delivered in video format)
  • Our full resilience and change program as an on-demand video webinar (approx. 4 hours study time)
  • 23-page downloadable workbook with activities
  • 12 follow-up weekly Success Tips
  • Facebook group for questions and support
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Platinum Bundle
  • Thriving in Change AND Transitions and Transformations
  • Silver AND Gold packages
  • All the worksheets and workbook
  • 12 follow-up weekly Success Tips
  • Facebook group for questions and support
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All purchases come with a 100% guarantee. If you decide that this program is not for you, notify us within 7 days of signing up for the program and we will give you a full refund.

Businesses: If you would like to discuss multi-user licences, please email us at:

(We are currently supporting the Breast Cancer Network of Australia (BCNA) with part of the proceeds from these programs).


  • q-iconHow long will I have access to the content?

    You will have access to the online content for 12 months. However, the workbooks and activity sheets are yours to keep and you can download them and save them to your computer at any time.

  • q-iconCan I share the program with my team or my family?

    You are purchasing a single user licence for our program. If you want to share the benefits with others, we would love to have them join us and receive their own unique login and password. Although it can be tempting, it is considered stealing if you let other people use your login details.

  • q-iconWhat is the difference between Bronze and Silver?

    Bronze contains the content in written format only. Silver presents the content in video format. Silver also gives you access to the Facebook group for any questions you may have or support you may need.

  • q-iconAre these programs suitable for people going through organisational change, or personal change?

    Thriving in Change is designed for all types of change. Transitions and Transformations is designed for people experiencing organisational change, but the majority of the content is applicable to any change experience. You can certainly apply the learnings from the program to life changes as well as changes at work.

  • q-iconDo I need to be going through a change right now to benefit from these programs?

    No. I have run Transitions and Transformations many times as a live program. One of the things participants often tell me is while they got an enormous benefit from the program, they would like to have done it BEFORE they experienced change as they would have been better equipped to cope. Regardless of timing – if you are in change, getting ready for change, or just want more tools to support you in life, these programs will help you.

  • q-iconI have a question that wasn’t answered here.

    Feel free to contact us at: with any further questions!