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Do you dread it when you hear your boss or co-workers talking about a brilliant new idea for the business? Is your automatic reaction to a discussion about a new project "but we've barely made it through the last change! What's wrong with the current process/system/structure?"

We can help make change easier for you

Watch a brief introduction from Ros Cardinal

If you're like most people, you probably answered "yes", at least to some degree. Why do you think that is? After all, new ideas and innovations can bring about significant improvements in our work and lives. It's not that you don't like innovation, it's just that the implementation of something new means that change is required. Change, at face value, represents an upset in the status quo – a disruption of your comfort zone.

Some people need constant change to keep them interested and happy, they seem to enjoy the constant disruption to their lives. For the majority of people though, the language used when talking about change is often "coping with" or "surviving".

At Shaping Change we believe that you deserve more than this - you deserve to learn how to thrive in change.

We know that change is inevitable and there’s really no way around it. But people still fret over it, worrying about what’s lurking around the corner and wondering when the proverbial “other shoe” is going to drop.

And yet, this is no way to go through life!

In fact, recent research suggests that stress alone is behind 60% of all human illness and disease, with 3 out 4 doctor visits being due to stress-related ailments. Not only does stress cause you to lose sleep at night (which can drastically impact your productivity and mental awareness), but it can also shrink your brain as it reduces grey matter in regions tied to your emotional and physiological functions!

Simply put—change, and the stress that it very often brings, is taking a toll on people every day.

So what if I told you that there’s a way to ease the resistance, stress, uncertainty, worry and feelings of dread that come with change…? What if I told you there was a different way to manage change in your life? A way that you could remove the stress from the constant change of our busy lives, and learn to thrive in the face of it?

So many people talk about coping with change

Search Amazon books for ‘coping with change’ and you’ll get 5,685 results, and that doesn’t take into account all of the online courses and blogs that deal with change. My name is Ros Cardinal and I am the founder of Shaping Change. I am an accredited Change Manager and an Organisational Behaviours expert, and have spent the last 20 years plus working with organisations and leaders to help them cope with changes – changes in their businesses, and changes in their lives.

I have written articles on the topics of change and leadership that have appeared in online publications like Huffington Post, Leaders in Heels, eMile: People Development Magazine. I have also recently been published in the 2014 book “Australian Entrepreneur”.

Throughout my career, I have helped thousands of people learn tools and techniques to improve their coping skills with change. Below are some excerpts from unsolicited emails, received from recent clients that I led through the material in these courses.

Thank you so much for conducting the “Coping with Change” workshop on the Launceston campus last Thursday. I found the workshop most helpful and enjoyable and appreciated you covering the various psychological aspects. So we are well equipped now to deal with further changes!

Participant Feedback, October 2014

Change is a very discussed topic at the moment, and for the most part it feels complicated. Ros made it really easy for anyone to understand. Her material has a logical sequence that makes you feel comfortable about approaching and embracing change. I would recommend it to anyone frighten about change, it's a true roadmap for transformation. I've been in the Transitional phase from some time now and her material gave me the wings to take action. As we speak I am 'Starting Anew', thanks to

Maria Marc, Feedback on free online course

Having experienced badly managed change programs in a corporate environment and also instigating change for my own personal improvement I found the 6 series of emails very insightful and helpful. I wish my previous employers had managed the change process and re-structures using Ros and her service as the experience would have been easier on us as employees and we would likely have embraced it more. From a personal perspective I thrive in a changing environment when I am in control so it was interesting to identify myself so I can also be more aware of myself when change is thrust upon me. In particular I found the final recording most useful in helping support others in their change. The phrases Ros suggested to use were fantastic and I have used them already in client and personal exchanges.

Johannah B., Confetti Design - Feedback on free course

Rosalind's audio program on change helped me to build in some "bouncy ball" resilience which I needed after moving countries with my young family. With change being our only constant, her immediate actionable insights, techniques and tips on how to adapt to and navigate change whilst still keeping my sanity have been extremely valuable. I appreciate that I could get a quick dose of insight in a short period of time, delivered in an easy and understandable manner. Thank you

Brenda T, Feedback on Free Change Program

The Program that Ros has created is very effective and I can see the program helping a lot of people who are going through change at work. I would highly recommend her program to others.

Andie Noon, Scruffy Dog Studio - Feedback on Free Program

I'm so looking forward to receiving Part 6 of Shaping Change. Thanks for you wonderful program Ros. I'm so lucky to receive this program, each one I've listened to I think is the best then the next one is even better.
This is great work.

Jenny H, Feedback on Free Program

Our courses have been developed to focus on the individual process of working through change, and understanding how you can manage that process more effectively. Some people work well with reading a book and learning for themselves, others learn more successfully with spoken content, and then there are those that work best when they are guided through a process.

The current courses on offer will provide you with video content, slides and workbooks to give you tools, tips and advice on managing change in your own life, and transforming how you deal with it.

All of our courses come with a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee. So, if you do not believe the content will help you thrive through change and improve your resilience to change in your life, you can request your money back. We won't challenge you, or make you prove it to us - but we will ask for honest feedback, if you're willing to provide it.

Change – it’s not just something that happens to other people

Change, and how people behave in change, is not only one of the topics that I have studied for many years. I, like all of you, have lived through the experience of significant changes in my own life.

At the age of 42 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The words “you have cancer” are quite probably amongst the scariest words a person will hear in their lives. However, I was able to draw on my knowledge of change, emotional intelligence and human behaviour to not only get through the treatment, but to move forward – to leave my corporate job and start a consulting business. My aim wasn’t to just survive cancer – it was to thrive. To use the experience as a springboard for growth.

Of course, dealing with my surgery and treatment over that time, I wasn’t always able to see the opportunities in the change – sometimes it was enough to survive each day. I can vividly remember days when I couldn’t see a future, where I was certain I would not recover from the cancer, or the radiotherapy that was burning and scarring my body. But, when the pain would subside, and I was able to use these techniques to rediscover the optimism and energy to cope with the situation, I would take stock of the lessons along the way. Then, being a trainer and facilitator, I thought of how I could help other people apply these lessons to their own lives.

This led me to develop a suite of programs to help people do what I did – to thrive in change, rather than just surviving it.

The Programs

- Thriving in Change


- Transitions and Transformations

Change can be stressful, but you don’t have to let it wreak havoc on your life. The sooner you embrace the inevitable changes that occur in life, the sooner you can start seeing the opportunities held within change, and begin thriving on EVERY level.

In Thriving in Change, you’ll learn about:

  • Your Reaction to Change

    Explore how you commonly react to change in your life.

  • The Importance of Change

    Realise why change is so necessary to your life.

  • Seeing Change Differently

    Even though the experience of change can be quite difficult, the results of change are often extremely positive once you shift your mindset

  • Accepting Change

    Change has the power to show us just how possible it is for you to have a richer, vastly more fulfilling life…if you can accept it

In Transitions and Transformations, you'll develop a personal action plan for dealing with change as you learn about:

  • Change and our reactions to change

    Understand why change is so impactful and how we commonly react to it.

  • Understanding the change process

    Unpack the emotions of change and the drivers of our behaviour during change. Learn emotional intelligence skills to move through transitions effectively.

  • Opportunities in change

    Learn to see the bright side of change and how to train yourself to look at change through a new lens

  • Building resilience

    Learn the 4 keys to resilience, as well as tips and techniques for becoming more resilient to change and transition

You'll also discover...

  • How to reshape your perspectives to better handle change.
  • Secret tricks to transform internal chaos into motivational inspiration.
  • How to embrace new changes and challenges, and use them to your advantage.
  • Winning strategies to STOP RESISTING change and flow with grace and ease.
  • How to INSTANTLY adopt new perspectives that give you the upper-hand in any situation.
  • And much more!

With these in-depth programs, you’ll be armed and equipped with everything you need to face change fearlessly and preserve your peace of mind!

Don’t spend any more time feeding stress and anxiety because of your resistance to change. Learn how to manage change effortlessly and start taking back the reins in your life.

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The other things you might want to know

  • q-iconHow long will I have access to the content?

    You will have ongoing access for as long as the product is offered. If the decision is made to discontinue this product, you will be notified and given the opportunity to download the content.

  • q-iconCan I share the program with my team or my family?

    You are purchasing a single user licence for our program. If you want to share the benefits with others, we would love to have them join us and receive their own unique login and password. Although it can be tempting, it is considered stealing if you let other people use your login details.

  • q-iconAre these programs suitable for people going through organisational change, or personal change?

    Thriving in Change is designed for all types of change. Transitions and Transformations is designed for people experiencing organisational change, but the majority of the content is applicable to any change experience. You can certainly apply the learnings from the program to life changes as well as changes at work.

  • q-iconDo I need to be going through a change right now to benefit from these programs?

    No. I have run Transitions and Transformations many times as a live program. One of the things participants often tell me is while they got an enormous benefit from the program, they would like to have done it BEFORE they experienced change as they would have been better equipped to cope. Regardless of timing – if you are in change, getting ready for change, or just want more tools to support you in life, these programs will help you.

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