Module Five - The Interview

Welcome to the final module on Thriving in Change

The first four content modules are here: Module One, Module Two, Module Three and Module Four.

You have covered a great deal in this program by exploring

  • Your Reaction to Change
  • The Importance of Change
  • Seeing Change Differently
  • Accepting Change.

Now it’s time to bring it all together by contemplating what part of the change process is most meaningful to you.

Imagine the following scenario

You are walking down the street when all of a sudden a reporter runs up to you with a microphone in hand.

The reporter knows that you just completed the coaching program on Thriving in Change and wants you to tell an excited audience of 1,000,000 viewers your most valuable insight.

The mic is on and recording. What are your answers to the reporter’s questions below:

  • What insights have you gained on the concept of change that you will take away and apply to your life?
  • What would you say to encourage others to be more willing to welcome change their lives?
  • How will you approach change differently as a result of this program?

Record your answers, then return to this module.

Congratulations on completing this coaching program! By completing this program, you have taken very significant steps toward accepting, embracing and perhaps even welcoming change into your life!

As Benjamin Franklin once said:

Change means that something in your life must come to an end. And with every ending there will always be a sense of loss that must be experienced. But once this loss is mourned – and you let go - the sooner you can open yourself up to something new and promising to enter in.

So as difficult as change can be (even if it is a positive change), if you let it happen, and allow yourself to transition through the process of change instead of resisting it; the quicker something new and exciting will emerge in your life!

End of Module 5

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